Lyndsy Reyes, M.S., BCBA, LBA
Program Specialist for Bridge 2 Program

Lyndsy obtained her undergraduate degree in Psychology with a certification in Women’s Studies from University of Houston- Clear Lake (UHCL) in 2013. Soon after graduation, Lyndsy began volunteering at an on-campus clinic at UHCL that provided ABA services to children diagnosed with developmental disabilities. She was then hired on as a therapist assistant and began to pursue a career and formal education in ABA, which she started in 2018 upon being accepted into the master’s program for Applied Behavior Analysis at the University of Houston-Clear Lake, culminating in her graduation in May 2021.

During her time in the master’s program at UHCL, Lyndsy served as an ABA therapist for a focused-intervention program, a behavior intern for a local school district, and provided behavior skills training to teachers across various school districts in the Houston area. She also volunteered as a behavior therapist in the Verbal Behavior Clinic (VBC),  under Dr. Lechago, Severe Behavior Disorders Research Clinic (SBDRC) under Dr. Fritz, and Vocational Clinic at the on-campus clinic at UHCL under Dr. Lerman. During her last year in the master’s program, she had the amazing opportunity to obtain practicum hours at Endeavor. From the start of her experience, she knew Endeavor was where she wanted to continue learning and developing her skills as a behavior analyst. She is very grateful to continue serving the clients and families here at Endeavor, and we are excited for our clients to get the opportunity to work with such a compassionate and knowledgeable BCBA!