LaToya Williams, BCaBA
Director of Clinical Quality, Intensive Program and Foundations Program Specialist

LaToya ultimately graduated from The University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, however within just the first year of undergraduate coursework, she came across the opportunity to work with individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities at a private ABA clinic. With the previous intent of using her degree to help people, she discovered a passion that would allow her to accomplish that, and seven years later she is living that passion everyday. 

“One thing that I have learned from working with individuals with special needs is that behavior is dynamic, and just as the clients you serve change, you must also be willing to change,” says LaToya. This is the very foundation of her mission, which has evolved into one that is centered around continued education and high-quality treatment and care for individuals of all unique needs. 

This mission is sought through her current pursuance of a Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis, and is achieved by conducting behavior analytic therapy services in clinical, home, and school settings among others, as well as by facilitating the progress of individuals through consultation services, functional behavior assessments, treatment planning, and parent and professional training. LaToya’s mission is further supported by her extensive training and experience working hands-on with clients with a variety of unique diagnoses as a Direct Behavior Technician, supervising a team of in-home therapists as an Assistant Case Manager, determining individualized programming based on skills assessments as an Assessment Conductor, and as the Director of Quality and Training, working continually to improve and maintain a high-level of quality intervention design and supervise a team of Trainers that provided intensive initial and on-going training to Behavioral Therapists.